Monday, 15 April 2013

4d Gender Scan

                                               4d Baby Bond Scan

On thursday I went for my 4d Babybond Gender scan. It was sooo exciting and a lovely
experience so I thought I would review it! :-)

The scan was at Babybond in Exeter, we arrived a few minutes late as we had trouble finding it but the staff were very nice and didn't mind that we were late!
We were taken into the scan room, which is very different from the NHS hospital scan rooms!
It was tastefully decorating with a lot of cosy chairs around for partners and family!

The scan was shown on the huge tv screen, and the Sonographer used HOT gel on my tummy rather than the freezing cold stuff i'm used to!!
She checked the babys heartbeat and then right straight to the babys AREA!  She knew within seconds what the baby was and let us look for a while.
She then let us watch the baby wiggle around and move. We had around 10-15 minutes to watch our baby. 

We were given 7 pictures of the baby, 2 of which were "gender shots" and she gave us a gender coloured bag to put the pictures in.

As you have probably guessed i'm not giving anything away about the babys gender!
I will put the babys potty-shot up if you would like to have a guess :-)

After my 20 week scan in May i will report back with Babys gender, and hopefully I can then
give Babybond 10/10 if they have got it right!!!
I have heard a few stories of them getting genders wrong with both Girls and Boys, however I think most of the time they do get it right!

                                         This was a lot clearer on the actual scan then in the Pics.


 Our Babybond Gender Scan cost £79.
If they have got it right then i'd say it was worth every penny!


  1. Damn I wanted to know whether you were pink or blue lol xx

  2. Well I can't guess as I already know!

    I think you should do this as a giveaway! You have to guess correctly to be entered into the competition! :D


  3. How exciting! I remember at my 20 week scan being shown the gender! It was very obvious that Joseph was a boy lol!
    I can understand you want to keep it secret until you're next scan!

  4. Wow the 4D Scan is amazing! I think I can guess the gender ;)
    Look forward to reading more posts about your pregnancy!

  5. 3 more weeks to wait :-) I think the potty shots are rubbish and dont give away much! Although I am interested to see what u all think! :-D Emily do you agree with Sian or not?! hehe xx

  6. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess boy? :P I literally have no idea how they get anything from those pictures, my Mum showed me the ultrasound from when she was pregnant with he (albeit, they've improve since '92) and I thought my butt was my head.

    Really like your blog. Congrats on the little one!


  7. Nin - I love how you thought your butt was your head lol. I'm pretty rubbish at seeing them too, unless things are pointed out to me! xx